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Forms needed for Blueberry Mt. Childcare

Application for Blueberry Mt. Childcare
1.Permissions Forms
2.Medical Forms
3.State Forms
4.Other Forms
a) General Field Trips a) Health & Allergy a) Provider-Parent form a) Registration
b) Specific Field Trips b) Child Drop Off Form   b) Policy Agreement
c) Swimming Field Trips c) Med. Administration b) Child Med.History Form c) Teaching Agreement
d) Farm Field Trips d) General Med. Form c) Physical Exemption d) Photo-etc.Permissions
e) Fishing Field Trips e) BMC Med. Auth. d) Immunization Exempt. e) Monitor Permission
f) Wading Pool use f) Day enrollment or Guest Permission (Medicine Auth. PDF) f) Child leave permission

Forms Above needed for 2 week Trial period:

Section 1. - a, c, d, f (c, f - depends on time of year, but needed eventually; b & e requested as needed)
Section 2. - a, b, d, e (c - is needed for prescriptions at specific times of a cold or flu etc.)
Section 3. - b, (a, is just for those needing state assistance; c & d depends on family)
Section 4. - a, b, c, d, e (f is for older children to play outside or leave early)

Forms above needed for unregistered Day Enrollment OR Guest:

Section 2. - f